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Design/Build - Woodland Cottage

Maintenance & Annuals

Hear why our clients choose to work with us by clicking on the YouTube link at the bottom of this page.


When it comes to maintenance, David Hoxsie and our national award winning team will care for your investment. From full site management to periodic maintenance visits, we listen to you and develop a customized maintenance program based on your preferences and site requirements. Our standard programs are site management, weekly site maintenance, weekly planting bed maintenance, and periodic maintenance. However, our team can provide nearly any combination of services and accommodate special requests.


To make the most of all four of our seasons, we welcome the new year with bright and refreshing spring annuals and bulbs, kick off the summer with vivid summer annuals, wind down with the warm hues of fall annuals, and settle in with the fragrant greens and colorful berries of winter décor.

Please click below to see examples of our annual displays.