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Design/Build- Woodland Cottage

"I could not be more proud or pleased with how this property has evolved into something so beautiful. You both are super knowledgeable and highly creative people. Plus, everything about this creative project was really fun and interesting. I enjoyed every minute of the process. It was so miraculous for me to actually see my ‘imaginings’ and ‘day dreams’ become my reality but BETTER... The flower boxes and pots are truly wonderful... Every day I walk around the yard and cannot believe I actually live here. The fall colors of all the plantings and trees are truly miraculous. I am so proud and pleased with how beautiful the exterior has become. Every day brings so much joy and pride. Thank you David and Jen a million times" - Mary O, Lake Forest, IL

Landscape Designer/ Project Manager: Jennifer Hoxsie, FAPLD

Project Partners:

American National Sprinklers

Craiger Custom Design

Davey Tree

Design/Build - Woodland Cottage